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RFID Parking Access

Traditional power asset management methods generally rely on non-automated, paper document-based systems to record, track and manage; a few use barcodes to realize asset identification and management; but the efficiency is extremely low. As the number of assets increases, extremely The earth has increased the burden on managers and at the same time increased the difficulty of asset management, often causing problems such as untimely data and high error rates. It often leads to confusion in inventory management and errors in data in and out of the warehouse. If it cannot be solved for a long time, it will bring great cost problems to the enterprise.

System composition

(1) Reader equipment:

integrates RFID read-write module, GPRS wireless communication module and reader power interface board to realize real-time automatic collection and wireless transmission of remote data.

it is used for power asset inventory, which can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device, and send the read tag information to the background server for processing through the built-in GPRS wireless communication module.

(2) Electronic label:

Power assets in the power industry have a wide variety of different specifications and most of them are metal surfaces. Metal interference has always been a difficulty in the application of RFID technology. In order to solve the problems of metal interference and easy attachment to power assets of various specifications, a special Attached labels and tag labels for power assets of different sizes and specifications, through the special design and packaging of the built-in antenna of the label, the label has good anti-metal interference performance.

(3) Card issuing software:

it is mainly used to write data into electronic labels, including device name, device model, device barcode, etc. After the data is written, the report can be automatically generated and imported into the system server.


To meet the project’ requirements, Colombia government cooperated with Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd. Aiming to enhance data protection and anti-fake fingerprint feature, C71 has integrated Morpho MSO CBM-E3 module to realize high-secure fingerprint capture and identification. Because of excellent performace in practical applications, the software and hardware solution based on the C71 application won the "2018 Wisdom Award".

The data can be uploaded to police server after the fingerprint information have been captured and the captured data are encrypted by end-user app to make sure its information security. The MSO CBM-E3 module can help the police to identify fake fingerprint for special cases. What’s more, NFC function can be used to scan and read HF IC cards such as ID card, GPS function to locate position data. And camera is available to take photographs of crime scene. All data, including photos, GPS information and fingerprint, can be timely transmitted to the backend system via GPRS.



General Jorge Nieto, director of the National Police said: "With the implementation of the new biometric sensors, in five seconds it will be possible to accurately verify the identity and background of citizens throughout the national territory."

"The biometric application reduces the time in consultation procedures to validate and verify the background of Colombians," said Daniel Medina, manager of Olimpia.

The detailed benefits are as below:

  • It makes the data collection of Colombia Police Department more intelligent. There has been a substantial increase in working efficiency.
  • Automated data collection facilitates the operation of citizen and immigration management.
  • GPS positioning and photo capturing makes it more efficient to deal with any incidents.
  • All data, images and other information can be transmitted over the wireless network to the background system in real time. It becomes more convenient for administrators to monitor and manage high-secure information.


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