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RFID Self-service Retail Management

Decathlon is a control model of the entire industry chain, which greatly reduces production costs, thereby ensuring Decathlon's competitiveness in product prices, so it is more necessary to improve efficiency in internal management. In order to facilitate the control and data control of each link, Decathlon has introduced an electronic tag called RFID.

System composition

The system includes: RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas, RFID access door readers, self-service checkout counters, etc.

System advantages

1. The product is fully traceable, convenient for statistics, cashier settlement, inventory management and security settings;

2. It can realize automatic sorting and real-time inventory counting;

3. The efficiency of all processes has been greatly improved, the satisfaction of the cashier settlement link has been improved, and the security of product assets in the retail link has been improved;

4. The storage operation efficiency has been greatly improved, and the sorting accuracy has been greatly improved;

5. Greatly improve personnel efficiency and corporate competitive advantage.


Other Cases


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