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Indian Malls Use RFID Opponent Dial Point Quantity

Today, with the rapid development and application of RFID technology, RFID electronic and information management of watches is an important means to strengthen inventory management, sales management and improve management efficiency. The electronic and informatization of watch management will greatly improve the work efficiency of enterprises (inventory, inventory, warehouse entry and exit), reduce theft rate, increase capital turnover rate, enhance corporate image, and more effectively provide advertising, VIP customer management and other value-added services Serve.

It can capture and record information such as customers' tastes and preferences for jewelry; it can also save the consumption habits of VIP customers in the file to provide them with more intimate services, which is conducive to maintaining customer loyalty. Store owners can quickly identify the most popular types of merchandise in each store, providing a reliable reference for business teams to order new items from suppliers, choose which product line to introduce, and reduce inventory turnaround time.

System composition

It consists of RFID tags, RFID handheld readers, card issuers, computers, control and system management software, as well as related network link equipment and network data interfaces.

System advantages

(1) The reading accuracy of RFID tags is high, which avoids the losses caused by repeated reading, misreading or unreading and other undesirable phenomena to jewelry manufacturers;

(2) Improve the efficiency of quotation of watches: The scheme of using RFID handsets can make quotations from traditional special personnel and professional quotations to ordinary employees, which greatly saves the human resources of enterprises and reduces the risk of misjudgment;

(3) A variety of table-top readers can not only meet the reading speed, but also choose different interfaces according to the actual situation, which is convenient and practical;

(4) Realize the intelligent management of sales, which greatly guarantees the safety of store sales; the specific operator and time for displaying and returning watches clearly provide great convenience for standardized management planning;

(5) The reading speed of RFID tags is significantly improved, which greatly speeds up jewelry inventory and reduces the loss of theft.


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