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UHF RFID Garbage Classification System

The UHF RFID intelligent sanitation waste classification and management system has an intelligent management system that integrates UHF RFID, 1D/2D barcode, image reading, and Al visual technology. The system can intelligently manage the entire process of household waste classification, collection, transportation, and treatment. Through RFID tags, UHF RFID reader, vehicle weighing and other equipment, the daily collection of kitchen waste at the drop point can be automatically collected. Managers at all levels can query, count and analyze the classified amount of kitchen waste at the drop point through the municipal classification management platform to achieve fine management of the drop link.


System Introduction: 

UHF RFID integrated reader
Ar Port Protocol: EPC UHF Class1 Gen 2/ISO18000-6C

Operating frequency: 902-928MHz or 865-868MHz 

Antenna gain: 8.5 ± 0.5dBi circularly polarized antenna 
Reading distance:>8 meters (test label Impinj E41b)  

Optional: 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth function 

PIO: 2 inputs, 4 outputs

Interface type: RJ45, RS485, RS232, Wiegand 26/34 interface

Style 1 Size: 225 * 225 * 55mm (L * W * H)

Style 2 Size: 217 * 217 * 65mm (L * W * H)


Product Features:  

The body is made of aluminum alloy material and UV resistant ASA plastic, which is sturdy and durable, resistant to typhoon strikes, and has a dual waterproof rubber ring design with IP65 protection

Adopting excellent imported UHF RFID RF chips, the product is stable in reading and writing, with good consistency, far surpassing the performance of discrete device solutions 

The antenna and RF reader are perfectly integrated, with small size, light weight, and easy deployment

Working status indication, multi color LED indicator light, buzzer, to meet various working environment indications

Four relay outputs, two trigger inputs, 9-12V/3A DC input power supply, safe power consumption

Product integration provides multiple language development packages, remote OTA upgrades, and lightweight MQQT IoT protocol 

Economical ABS plastic sealed UHF RFID anti metal tag

RFID tag type: passive UHF RFID anti metal tag 

Protection level: IP67 and above

Installation method: screws, rivets, strong adhesive, etc

Label size: 160 * 30 * 20mm (L * W * H)

Reading distance: 8m

RFID tag material: ABS engineering plastic


Application area:

RFID sanitation vehicle management

RFID Vehicle Transportation Management 

RFID garbage classification management 

RFID Vehicle Weighing Management


Other Cases


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