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Bank Asset RFID Management

In recent years, major banks are actively introducing communications technology, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to promote their own digital transformation.

In this process, RFID technology has become one of the important forces driving the digital transformation of the banking industry, penetrating into many aspects of the bank's daily operations, such as money box management, fixed asset management, file management, anti-counterfeiting of bills and so on.

In summary, RFID technology can better meet the bank for asset management security needs, and significantly improve the bank's internal management level.

It is for the above reasons, at present, the banking industry to introduce RFID technology enthusiasm continues to rise.


System Composition

The system includes: RFID tags, RFID handheld terminals, RFID antennas, RFID channel door readers and so on.

System Benefits

1. Helps reduce risk and the possibility of human error;

2. The advantages of real-time checkable, recordable, countable and traceable greatly promote the automation and intelligence of management. ;

3. with the three major features of strong anti-counterfeiting ability, high technology and good reliability, effectively guaranteeing the safety of customers' funds. ;

4. It greatly enhances the efficiency of personnel and the competitive advantage of enterprises.

Other Cases


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