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At present, the banknote box in and out of the vault and network handover management is still using handwritten notes, the level of informationization is not high, and the degree of automation is still to be improved, which brings hidden dangers to the operation and management of banknote boxes. It is necessary to improve the management level of the banknote boxes, to carry out the banknote boxes in and out of the vault and the handover of the outlets more quickly and accurately, to adopt more secure personnel authentication methods, and to automatically generate the inventory, query, and related reports in the warehouse.

Each banknote box is equipped with passive electronic tags, each tag has a unique identification ID number, ID information stored in advance to the background server. In the vault arrangement passive split machine through the RS485 line with the backstage PC connected to the antenna installed next to each banknote box, the antenna through the feeder connected to the split machine. The reader reads the information on the label through the antenna and feeds back to the background management system in real time. In this way, the background management system can know the location of each banknote box in real time.


System Composition

The system is divided into four main parts: management software, antenna, reader and RFID tags.

System Advantages

1. Personnel identity management

Solve the problem of identity authentication in the process of handing over the money box between the bank cash vault center and the outlets. The use of RFID technology, personnel do not enter the vault, outlets for personnel judgment identification, for bank custody socialization, more and more handover personnel for non-bank personnel, to solve the problem of non-bank personnel do not use the bank teller card, to complete the identification verification.

2. Banknote box electronic management

The use of RFID tags, to each paragraph box paste electronic tags, tags written in the identity of the box. Box information collection, the use of batch automatic identification box electronic tag information.

3. Handover process information management

Solve the problem of handover tracking records between the bank cash center and the outlets, the clearing section, voucher section and other related business sections, handover procedures information, real-time information and electronic problems.

4. Automatic generation of reports

All kinds of statistical reports are automatically generated, which is convenient for querying and can detect abnormal situations in time.

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