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Laundry Management System

VANCH™ RFID laundry management system is established to help manage the laundry work in the handover, inventory, washing, ironing, folding, sorting, storage and other processes; with the characteristics of RFID technology laundry tags to track the need to manage the washing process of each piece of clothing, record the number of washings, washing parameters and expand the extension of the application.


At present, the washing industry inventory and records rely entirely on manual labor, a higher labor costs, and the handover data and the user side of the discrepancy, resulting in unnecessary losses or disputes; for example, each ward of the hospital dirt recovery is more cluttered, and the return of manpower sorting time, increasing the manpower investment in the hospital office. Through the introduction of RFID technology, RFID equipment through the automatic reading of RFID tags, you can realize the batch counting, washing tracking, automatic sorting and other functions to improve laundry management for the hospital to provide more advanced and controllable services to increase the competitiveness of the laundry business market.

The introduction of RFID radio frequency identification technology will make the user's laundry management becomes more transparent, and improve the efficiency of the work, to solve the past can not be realized through other technology management problems, such as: large quantities of fabric to be washed statistics, handover.

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The program is through in each piece of cloth sewing a button (or tag) electronic tags, electronic tags have a global unique identification code, that is, each piece of cloth will have a unique management identification, until the cloth is scrapped (tags can be reused, but not more than the life of the tag itself). In the whole fabric use and washing management, the use status and washing times of fabrics will be recorded automatically by RFID reader. Supporting the batch reading of tags during the washing handover makes the washing task handover simple and transparent and reduces business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the number of times of washing, it can estimate the service life of the current fabrics for the user, and provide predictive data for the procurement plan.

System Functions

Product identification: through the need to manage each piece of laundry sewn on the button mounted RFID tags to identify each piece of clothing. RFID smart tag chip in the world's only ID number, and a user area for writing data can be written in the tag within the specific attributes of the clothing, such as the clothing owner, the life of the clothing, the number of times the clothing is washed, the clothing model and so on.

Automatic counting: divided into incoming and outgoing counting, accurate each handover quantity, for packing dirt, can be the whole package through the RFID tunnel reading equipment, for accurate counting, accuracy rate up to 100%, the data objective science, can be used to check with the user for the number of handover. At the same time, ready to return to the user's clean clothes also through the RFID tunnel reading equipment to confirm the exact number and list.

Automatic sorting: At present, the enterprise and the user are handing over the clothes manually, therefore, the uniqueness of RFID tag can be realized in the washing plant area to sort the clean clothes, directly sorting to the smallest user unit and packaged list, so that it can save the time of manual sorting and reduce the labor of personnel.

Record of washing times: Due to the characteristics of RFID tags, the number of washing times can be recorded, predicting the life of the clothing, reasonable control of clothing inventory, to provide users with more scientific services.

Other Cases


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