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RFID Animal Management

In our country, RFID technology also use in food safety tracking management, and support by many local government. In may 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture issued  "animal immunization labeling management approach" provides that pigs, cattle, sheep must wear immune ear tag, and built immune document management system.

In order to ensure the safety of food , Food safety early warning and origin management system ,implement in shenzhen and HK, use RFID technology apple to different steps, including supply to HK food farming, production, processing, transportation, wholesale, port inspection, retail and so on. In the outside of the food package, there have RFID tags which including information like food inspection information, food growth, production information, storage and transportation information, the HK people can trace the information like source of food by electronic tag reader, so that they will feel safe the they buy the food.


Vegetables in shangdong shouguang, use Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision system of gold engineering network platform, people establish of the province's food safety and quality database for consumers to provide dynamic authoritative food quality trace information. Sichuan pig breeding and Zhejiang aquatic products exports are established RFID source management system for food safety management, which effectively guarantee the local food safety supervision.


RFID food safety management system Schematic diagram

The electronic label past on food or food container, reader connect with antenna, the sensor is integrated with the reader, which reader database packet transmitted to the food safety management database through the network, and the manufactures of all steps in the food supply chain and the products information was registered in RFID public service system. Base on food safety management database, through integrating supply chain information, the system provide many application services like food information service , food safety tracing and food quality assessment and so on.

Application service

Base on the integrating food safety management database and food supply chain information, system can provide the services as follow.

1) food information service

User through the query can enjoy the food information service. In table, you can get the origin of each dish of raw materials, production (processing), production date and other information; supermarket shopping, you can get the flow of food information and safety information.

2) food safety tracing

Once the outbreak, through the food safety management system can quickly find the product sales, responsibility and product origin and other information, not only according to the food safety trace system to find the final consumer of each food, you can also find circulation or production and processing The process of problems in the link, take the appropriate measures.

3) Terminal query system

Supermarkets as the main channel for consumers to buy food, they can provide supermarkets or manufacturers of RFID tags to check the terminal, check the information on the purchase of food.

Other Cases


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