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RFID Production Line Management

The visualization of the production line is to enable the management of the enterprise to discover the operating status of the production line and the production line in real time. Workers will remove the recycled products to assemble the spare parts after the position, and then put them on the return line until all the procedures are completed.


System composition

The system is mainly composed of RFID data acquisition system, station controller, kanban and route selection actuator.

System advantages

1、Data collection and condition monitoring are important cores of industrial manufacturing

RFID technology collects equipment status or equipment failures through instruments, equipment, and technical means to identify the process based on the amount of equipment change. The real-time monitoring of CNC machine tools collects various status information of the machine tool through the DNC network and machine tool control by collecting data, and can obtain the operating status of the machine tool equipment through the network. It can also collect the current, power consumption, and vibration of the machine tool to determine the operating status of the equipment and issue a fault alarm.

2. The hardware of the machine tool equipment monitoring system consists of sensors, data acquisition equipment, and network communication equipment

Industrial manufacturing requires diversified technologies to achieve work tasks in complex environments. Through RFID tags, readers, wireless sensor network products, and combined with barcode, PLC and other technologies, materials, work in progress, execution equipment, tooling, etc. Real-time collection of heterogeneous source data, and tracking and tracing management of product genealogy, providing basic data for enterprise production and operation control. Through efficient integration with ERP, MES and other systems, the full life cycle management of products is realized.

3. Positioning, tracking and scheduling of public manufacturing resources

In the industrial manufacturing system, some industrial transportation vehicles carry out data collection, such as engineering forklifts, workshop flatbed trucks, etc., as well as some public resources such as on-site technicians. These resources require reasonable dispatch and rapid response, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of the entire manufacturing system. Utilize products and technologies such as ground-sensing RFID tags, UWB, state-judgment sensors, vehicle-mounted terminals, etc., by attaching electronic tags to some engineering vehicles of forklifts, to perform on-site maintenance/technical personnel and other resources spatial location positioning, operation trajectory tracking, and busy State judgment, task dispatch and call, optimize the allocation of public resources, and improve the rapid response capability of the manufacturing system. It's like an automated forklift at a large terminal.

Fourth, RFID technology can implement process monitoring and visual management of the production plan execution process

Enhance the timeliness of production planning and scheduling, greatly reducing human errors in work. A visualized production process monitoring platform can be realized through products such as station readers, electronic trays, RFID tag pendants, etc., to track the whole process from rough to finished product, and record the automatic report of the product, the completed quantity of each product/batch, and the status of the workpiece. The current process, the execution equipment and operators of each process, the actual working hours of each process, etc., provide original certification data for planning and scheduling, on-line materials, on-site logistics, and quality traceability, and provide a basis for enterprises to carry out value engineering. Form a product traceability tracking system, greatly improve the credibility of the company's products, and establish a complete quality system

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