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Intelligent application of RFID technology in industry



The dynamic real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES) adopts the mainstream SOA platform development technology to create an informatization, cloud computing architecture production line manufacturing management and control execution system, which is different from the traditional ERP system and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), dynamic real-time manufacturing The execution system (MES) uses RFID radio frequency identification technology equipment at the front end of the production line to collect real-time status information of the production line. The system provides managers with real-time production line control capabilities through modules such as production status kanban and capacity analysis, covering contract order generation to production plan raw material preparation and delivery. The management of the whole process from work to workshop process manufacturing and finished product warehousing; it can adapt to various manufacturing management modes and processing modes.


Technology and Features

• This system solution uses Web Service or intermediate file (XML) as the interface standard, and adopts SOA (Service-oriented architecture, service-oriented architecture) application development platform technology for system development, which facilitates the flexible construction of business modules and future integration with other enterprise application systems (such as PDM, CAX, ERP, finance, sales) for information integration.

•Using RFID radio frequency identification technology equipment at the front end of the production line to collect production line status information in real time

•The system can plan according to the main workshop sequence in the production process, and manage the cost and quality. The software records in detail the types and quantities of all processed production materials and the repeated processing of processed products.

•The system can manage physical and chemical parts and can be distinguished from other formal products.

• When the system manages the production process, it will enter the process into the system, and each workstation will execute the operation process of input, output and completion, and these data will be transmitted to the central system in time, and the system will be unified to do the job connection. value.

• The system's unique capacity analysis module provides production managers with real-time production control capabilities such as capacity utilization and equipment man-hour scheduling

•Provide various statistical query and report display functions for complete production and manufacturing system information. On-site supervisors (including personal foreman, team leader, section chief, etc.), all experts or manufacturing leaders can check all factory manufacturing order work orders and products at any time manufacturing information.

• Can publish the current status of manufacturing in the factory and recent plans, as well as the latest notice. It can let leaders and employees keep abreast of the current production status, including production volume, production plan, and reward and punishment decisions in production, etc.; in addition, this announcement module can also remind all employees of the enterprise so that they can complete the enterprise in time. Released scheduled tasks.


functional module

1. Function definition and authority management of the information center system

2. Basic data management module

3. Contract review process module

4. Work plan management

5. Process management

6. Physical and chemical analysis and re-examination management

7. Raw material preparation and management

8. Reporting station card making and process definition management

9. Inbound and outbound management operations

10. Kanban management of production status

11. Statistical report module

12. Capacity analysis module

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