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VANCH Intelligent will exhibit in the Phoenix in 2019.



RFID Journal Live 2019 will be grandly opened in Phoenix in April 2nd -4th 2019. At that time, all enterprises in the IoT industry chain will gather together to explore cutting-edge technologies, showcase the Internet of Things products, and participate in industry events. Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will come to the event and bring you the latest achievements.

RFID Journal Live 2019

Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

April 2 -4,2019

VANCH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of wireless radio frequency (RFID) products and solutions at home and abroad. Since its establishment, VANCH Intelligent has always adhered to customer-focused, focusing on product development and industry in the field of radio frequency (RFID). Application dedicated to the identification and tracking of all items through RFID RFID sensor technology, thus promoting the full interconnection and integration of people, people and things, things and things, and building a more efficient integrated digital logistics system. VANCH Intelligent continues to provide customers with quality services, using radio frequency identification (RFID) leading products and rich experience to help customers improve efficiency and reduce losses, in order to achieve win-win cooperation with customers.

Over the years, VANCH Intelligent has made unremitting efforts in innovative product development, internal mechanism improvement, creating opportunities for employees and partners, and improving customer satisfaction. We insist on investing more than 15% of sales revenue every year in research and development, and accumulating more than 40 copyright patents granted in the field of hardware and software; RFID readers of VANCH have passed the IS09001:2008 standard certification issued by UKAS and through EU CE certification and FCC certification of the US Federal Communications Commission; RFID products have been widely used in warehousing and personnel management, industrial production line automation management, smart city, intelligent transportation, retail sales, and public safety management. Our products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.

As a member of the China RFID Enterprise Alliance, a member of the RFID Standards Association, a member of the Internet of Things Association, and a member of the Shandong Internet of Things Association, VANCH Intelligent has repeatedly won the China "IoT Star" Reader Enterprise Award, RFID Innovation Product Award and Guangdong Province Contract honors credit companies and many other honorary titles.

—— Company product introduction ——

VH-88 RFID integrated reader

* Bluetooth communication for connection with smart terminals(smart phones, tablet computers)

* Multi-indication of working state, built-in vibration motor, electric quantity, buzzer to meet various working conditions

* Software integration is fast and efficient, providing DLL development files based on android platform

VF-987 RFID reader

* Support 1, 2, 4 external TNC antenna interface

* Reading buzzer and LED status indicator; Support online upgrade firmware through communication interface;

* Reader provide 4 road light isolated input, 4 road light output I/O interface, convenient for application integration;

VH-75 Bluetooth RFID handheld reader

* Bluetooth communication for connection with smart terminals(smart phones, tablet computers)

* Fast and effective software integration, offer DLL developing kit based on Android

* Provides demo software and SDK based on Android

VD-67 UHF RFID Gate Reader

* It has the operations of keyboard emulation ,powered by computer USB port  and RF lights and beeps.

* Logistics, warehouse management, intelligent parking management, product line management, product counterfeiting detection

* The desktop RFID Reader is widely used in club management, library, student enrollment, coonsumption management, attendance management, dinner management an dpool management, etc.

In the past ten years of development, we have insisted on technological innovation, allowing customers to win the value of products and let enterprises create social value. VANCH Intelligent is waiting for you at the RFID Journal Live 2019. Strive to make VANCH Intelligent become the global leader in innovation and application of the Internet of Things industry.

For more products and solutions, please visit the company's official website www.vanch.net.

Email address:sales@vanch.net

Or call our hotline: 0755-82426775


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