Industrial Bus Gateway Module

Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025
Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025

VG-NM2025 hot

Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025

Product Features:

01. Support ProfiNet/EtherCAT/EtherNetIP/CC-LINK protocol;

02. 4 RFID read-write readers  can be connected, which can simultaneously control read/write operations;

03. With a maximum communication of 100 meters, up to 8 IO devices can be connected to meet various application environments with different monitoring requirements;

04. The IP67 protection level can adapt to harsh environments such as oil (cutting fluid, etc.), dust, and humidity;

05. The connection of power supply, bus and read-write reader is equipped with anti-misplug design to ensure the reliability of industrial field installation and use;

06.7*24 continuous work, industrial-grade stability and continuous work guarantee in high temperature and harsh environments.

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Power supply

Network interface Dual network ports are integrated switch function, in line with IEE802.3 standard;
System topology star structure, tree structure
Communication cable length Max= 100m
Communication interface M12-4 hole connector

I/O port

I/O points 8 channels, adaptive
Switch value Switch value input and output signal frequency<= 250Hz Switch input level: VH=12~24V,VL=0~7V Switch output current Imax<=0.7A (per channel)
IO interface M12 -5 hole socket, each interface is 2 signals, PNP type input I0
Protection circuit Input/output channels are equipped with short-circuit protection and fault indicator

RFID port

RFID interface points 4 channels

Environmental adaptability

Working temperature -40°C~ +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C~+85°C
Relative humidity 5 to 95% (indoor), RH-2 level, no condensation
Anti-corrosive gas Conforms to IEC60068-2-42/43
Vibration resistance Conforms to EN61131, the back plate is fixed with two bolts, and the maximum vibration resistance is 20g
Protection grade IP67
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Conforms to EN61131-2/EN50082-2 (industrial)

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