Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025
Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025

Industrial Bus Gateway Module VG-NM2025 hot


It can be configured with automatic reading mode, multiple devices can be connected, and industrial networking can be realized directly with PLC numerical control system and host computer.

Product Features:


01. Support ProfiNet/EtherCAT/EtherNetIP/CC-LINK protocol;

02. 4 RFID read-write readers  can be connected, which can simultaneously control read/write operations;

03. With a maximum communication of 100 meters, up to 8 IO devices can be connected to meet various application environments with different monitoring requirements;

04. The IP67 protection level can adapt to harsh environments such as oil (cutting fluid, etc.), dust, and humidity;

05. The connection of power supply, bus and read-write reader is equipped with anti-misplug design to ensure the reliability of industrial field installation and use;

06.7*24 continuous work, industrial-grade stability and continuous work guarantee in high temperature and harsh environments.





Power supply

Network interface Dual network ports are integrated switch function, in line with IEE802.3 standard;
System topology star structure, tree structure
Communication cable length Max= 100m
Communication interface M12-4 hole connector

I/O port

I/O points 8 channels, adaptive
Switch value Switch value input and output signal frequency<= 250Hz Switch input level: VH=12~24V,VL=0~7V Switch output current Imax<=0.7A (per channel)
IO interface M12 -5 hole socket, each interface is 2 signals, PNP type input I0
Protection circuit Input/output channels are equipped with short-circuit protection and fault indicator

RFID port

RFID interface points 4 channels

Environmental adaptability

Working temperature -40°C~ +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C~+85°C
Relative humidity 5 to 95% (indoor), RH-2 level, no condensation
Anti-corrosive gas Conforms to IEC60068-2-42/43
Vibration resistance Conforms to EN61131, the back plate is fixed with two bolts, and the maximum vibration resistance is 20g
Protection grade IP67
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Conforms to EN61131-2/EN50082-2 (industrial)

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