VC-A510 channel machine
VC-A510 channel machine

VC-A510 channel machine hot


Product Features:


01.17 inch industrial touch all-in-one machine, default configuration windows system, Android optional;

02. It can control the channel machine roller shutter and equipment reading, provide the SDK docking development data of the whole equipment, and support the secondary development;

03. The anti-collision structure is made of nylon, which is strong and durable, equipped with two-color warning strips, and has a striking appearance;

04. The equipment has a built-in wide-angle surveillance camera, which can view the internal operating status in real time from the external industrial control of the channel machine;

05. The device can be optionally equipped with internal WiFi, which can communicate with internal devices, such as AGV, when the shutter is closed;

06.Using powerful UHF modules, it can quickly identify batches of more than 300/800 products;

07. Built-in 6 sets of cargo sensors, real-time detection of cargo location, and linked PLC for corresponding operations;

08. The anti-collision limit step design on the side of the channel machine prevents the cart from hitting the antenna and the inner wall of the channel machine when entering.


The UHF RFID channel machine complies with the ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) protocol. The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the large size can meet a variety of cage types and rack carts. Through the automatic control system, the equipment realizes the automatic opening and closing of the roller blind, and carries out closed reading to prevent cross-reading of surrounding labels. 


Model number



Working frequency

920-925MHz (National Standard)/902-928MHz (American Standard)

Working standard

EPCglobal C1 Gen 2, ISO/IEC18000-6C

RF power output

30dBm, 1dBm step adjustable

Batch reading capability

More than 300/800 pieces (depending on the goods and labels)

Communication Interface

Ethernet 10/100、WiFi

power supply

220V AC, 50 Hz, 180 W 

Screen door

Front and rear automatic rolling gates, obstacle detection

Touch screen specifications

17-inch industrial capacitive display (embedded)

Industrial computer specifications

I5 processor, 4GB running memory, 120GB SSD solid state drive 

Default system

windows 7

Operating temperature


External material

Sheet metal spray

Shielding performance

The front and corners are less than 10cm

Outside size

1800 (length) x 1680 (width) x 2450 (height) mm

Internal dimensions

1600 (length) x 1260 (width) x 1995 (height) mm

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