UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )
UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )
UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )
UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )
UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )
UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )

VC-450 hot

UHF RFID Gate Reader VC-450(Dual infrared )

1. The system is compatible with AFI alarm mode and EAS alarm mode;

2.  Read through infrared trigger to extend the service life;

3. The RFID channel reader is based on the additional installation of antennas, readers, EAS sound and light alarms, power supplies and a series of related external devices on the channel to form an overall system. When goods or people loaded with RFID tags pass through the channel, the antenna reads the relevant information and transmits it to the reader and related information processing equipment in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of control and management of the goods or personnel.

4. Application: warehouse asset management, conference sign-in and attendance, clothing industry, book files, production process control and other open high-flow applications, location and workflow control. 

Product Title


Model(order code)

VC-450Dual infrared )


Frequency Range

902-928MHZ(Must be adjusted according to different countries or regions)

Frequency modulation method

Broad spectrum frequency modulation (FHSS) or fixed frequency, can be set by software

RF output

20-33 dBm Adjustable ;

Number of antennas

Built-in 4 narrow beam antennas Gain-8dbi

Communication Interface

LAN、RS232、RS485、Wiegand26/34、WIFI(Non-standard), 4G communication transmission (non-standard)

Communication rate

The serial port rate is 9600~115200bps, RJ45 is 10M/100Mbps

Power consumption

Average power consumption<20W

EAS alarm

3 seconds sound and light prompt

GP I/O interface

/O interface (12 pin + 4 pin)

Reliable firmware upgrade

Scalable upgrade mechanism

Application software interface

Provide API development kit and VC, VB, Java application routines

Tag operation performance

Reading distance

7dbi antenna configuration, typical reading distance 1.5-3 meters (related to tag performance)

Air interface protocol

EPCglobal UHF ISO-18000-6C(EPC G2)、UHF ISO-18000-6B协议

Mechanical and electrical performance


150(length)x36.5 (width)x5(thickness)cm;

Shell material

Aluminum profile + flame retardant acrylic


Black with silver screen printing, silver aluminum frame

Power supply

Equipped with 220V AC input interface




5% to 95%, Non-condensing

Protection level


Operating temperature

-20ºC to 70ºC

Storage temperature

-40ºC to 85ºC

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