RFID Self-service Machine Datasheet

RFID Self-service Machine Datasheet VB-HB03T
RFID Self-service Machine Datasheet VB-HB03T

VB-HB03T hot

RFID Self-service Machine Datasheet VB-HB03T

The RFID Self-service borrowing and returning all-in-one machine provides a convenient operation mode, enabling readers to complete book borrowing and returning operations by themselves.


VB-HB03T the vertical self-service borrowing and returning machine is mainly used for self-service borrowing, self-return, self-renewal and borrowing inquiries of books and files

Product Title


Performance Index

System composition

Integrated motherboard SV1a64-126 win10 or above; 8G RAM, 256G SSD

display screen

27-inch, 10-point capacitive touch screen

Interface Protocol

UHF ultra high frequency ISO 18000-6C; HF high frequency ISO15693

Working frequency

920~925MHz (840-960MHz can be set), HF high frequency 13.56MHZ

Way of communication

Wi-Fi, RJ45


Algorithm binocular recognition face camera

Antenna model

Use the Vanch VA-R3015 near-field antenna, in order to prevent the antenna from being adjusted and compatible with the installation hole position of the VA-R3030 antenna

Main control module

UHF ultra-high frequency adopts VF-747 main control RFID board and VM-61/E61 radio frequency module; HF high-frequency module adopts VM-60H; supports high-frequency reader card HF, 13.56Mhz

Physical Parameter

Appearance fuselage

Shell 1.2mm cold-rolled plate, porcelain white powder spraying process, black acrylic panel 5mm thick, hardened surface scratch-resistant

Surface color


Product Size

680mm*583mm*1700mm (total height including base)

Product weight

80 kg in wooden case


Wooden packing

Table size


Antenna size



Expandable to support second-generation resident ID card (optional function), campus card, barcode scanning, paper ticket printing, etc.

Operational Circumstance

Working Temperature


Working Voltage


Machine Power


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