Retransfer card printer VPR-0203
Retransfer card printer VPR-0203
Retransfer card printer VPR-0203
Retransfer card printer VPR-0203
Retransfer card printer VPR-0203
Retransfer card printer VPR-0203

VPR-0203 hot

Retransfer card printer VPR-0203

First-class quality, efficiency improvement, high-speed throughput, and rapid production of clear color portrait cards on demand;

ZXP Series 8 includes ZMotif" XML-based software, which can be easily integrated with various industry projects and enterprise applications. The modular design allows you to flexibly add various types of coding according to your needs.

Unparalleled printing speed, excellent printing performance, image quality of similar photos, rich color and excellent resolution;
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●Sublimation retransfer printing

●Full color or monochrome retransfer printing

●Single-sided or double-sided printing

●Maximum printing speed (single side) -1 90 card hours*

●Maximum printing speed (two-sided)-180 cards/hour*

●Photo quality images

●Over-edge printing on standard CR80 media

●The printing speed is calculated based on the impact speed, average print coverage, USB connection rate and the number of cards per hour (cph) printed under certain conditions

Standard Features

●USB and Ethernet connection

●Single card in/out function

●150 card capacity card feeder (30mi)

● 15 card waste card slot (30mi)

● 100 card output box (30 mil)

●iSeries"Smart Media Technology

●Automatic calibration medium

●21 characters, 6 lines operator LCD display

●304 dpi (12.0 dots/mm) print resolution

●64 MB standard memory

●Lifetime warranty of print head

●Printer 2 year limited warranty

●Microsoft@ Windows@certified driver

●Kensington physical lock slot

Options and accessories

●Laminating device one side and two sides

●Lockable housing and card entry device

●ZebraCare"Warranty Program

●802.11 b/g wireless connection

●Card into the card box (150 cards, 30 mi)

Encoding options and specifications

Magnetic stripe encoder

Smart card contacts site point-ISO 781 6

Magnetic stripe encoder一ISO 7811 and JIS-II

MIFARE@ ISO 14443 (1 3.56 MHz) and ISO 781 6 Contact encoder

EMV level1 Certification

UHFGen2RFID Encoder*

FeliCa Contactless encoder

Encoding via Ethernet--requires ZBR- PS300 Ethernet-USB device server

Laminating device specifications

●Single-sided or double-sided lamination option (only for double-sided printers)

●180 card hour double-sided printing and double-sided lamination

●GSA FIPS 201 approval (double-sided film)

●Only use Zebra True Secure i Series film

●The upper and lower coatings are sold separately

●Customized coding film

ZMOTIF Software

Supported drive program

Supported Microsoft Windows certified printer drivers: Windows XP*. Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server® 2008, Windows 732-bit and 64-bit compatible

Drive Program Features

●Graphic card direction setting makes it easy to visually check the card printing settings and configuration

●Card source and type selection

●Complete graphic control of the area and element selection of black extraction parameters

●Automatic induction ribbon type, laminating device and smart card encoding option

● K color block compensation function

Implement Tool Features

●Printer configuration tools and utilities for full control of all printer functions and features

●Optional password protection settings and security settings based on user roles can effectively prevent accidental or unauthorized driver or printer configuration changes

●Comprehensive technical card management supports setting and testing of all printer and encoder features and functions

●Printer test card and diagnostic utility can ensure error-free printing and fast troubleshooting

XML-based SDK

●Downloadable SDK for custom application development

● XML-based SDK enables third parties to quickly add advanced printing and encoding features

● Features include direct access to PC/SC smart card encoder drivers and XML-based jobs, which can control print job specifications

●Support full Uv printer and panel support


●Zebrai Series intelligent technology uses RFID tags to verify and automatically process color ribbons, transfer films and laminations

●Media starter kit 1-1 YMCK ribbon,-roll transfer film, 200 PVC cards, 2 cleaning rollers (kit is not sold separately)

●Cleaning supplies

True Colours i Series Ribbon

● YMCK 4 grid: 625 images/roll

●YMCKK 5 grids: 500 images/roll

● YMCKK 5 grids: 500 images/roll

●YMCKI 5 grids: 500 images/roll

●YMCKI 5 grids: 500 images/roll

● YMCKKI6 grid: 415 images/roll

● YMC3 grid: 800 images/roll

●Black: 2500 images/roll

True Colours i Series Transfer film

●Transparent and holographic: 1250 single-sided/650 double-sided card/roll

True Secure" i Series"Laminating

●No baseband and no waste 1.0 mil. Top and bottom film: 625 images/roll

●Lamination type: upper transparent, lower transparent, magnetic stripe, signature, smart card, holographic wallpaper design

●Customized film with hologram

●Customized coding film

Card compatibility

Card thickness

30- 40 mil

Card Size

ISO 7810 format, type ID-1. CR-80 size

Card material

PVC and composite materials, ABS cards, PET. PET-G, Teslin® composite materials

Technical card

Contact and contactless smart card UHF card

Communication Interface


USB V2.0

10/1 00 Ethernet (Ethernet encoding requires ZBR PS-300 Ethernet-to-USB device server)

802.11 b/g wireless connection (including USB and Ethernet)

Mechanical electrical performance

Electrical parameters

●Single-phase alternating current

●Frequency range: 100V"240V AC and 50-60 HZ


(Standard model)

●Height (with cassette): 13.2 inches / 334 mm

●Width (carrying into the cassette): 18.75 inches/476 mm

●Width (into the card box, with plastic sealing device): 30.75 inches/781 mm

● Depth: 20.4 inches / 519 mm


●Printer only: 27.5 lbs/12.5 kg

●Printer, laminating device: 44 lbs/20 kg

Operating temperature

59°F/15°C-95°F /30°C

Storage temperature

23°F/-5°C-131°F /55°C

Working humidity

20%-80% (No condensation)

Storage humidity

10%-90% (No condensation)

Shipping temperature

 -40°F/-40°C-140° F/60° C

Shipping humidity

10%-90% (No condensation)

Media storage

The medium should not exceed 140°F/60°C for more than 200 hours; more than 90% relative humidity (104°F/40° C) for more than 100 hours

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