Smart grid file cabinet

Smart grid file cabinet VA-BF
Smart grid file cabinet VA-BF
Smart grid file cabinet VA-BF
Smart grid file cabinet VA-BF

VA-BF hot

Smart grid file cabinet VA-BF

Optional face recognition, one-dimensional code scanning, ID card, reader card and other electronic access to use, greatly facilitate readers to borrow and return

The device supports network port communication, and can expand multiple communication methods such as WiFi and 4G.


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Performance Characteristics

Working frequency 902MHz~928MHz
Output Power 0-30dBm (adjustable)
Reading distance 0-20cm (adjustable)
Communication Interface RJ45; RS232 (WiFi/4G optional)
Equipment materials Carbon steel plate material; tempered glass surface material
Exterior Body-pearl white, frame-blue
Operating temperature -10°C~+50°C

Physical parameters

Operating Voltage AC220V±10%
Total power 60W
Features Book borrowing and returning, you can use electronic borrowing
Screen 21.5 inch capacitive touch screen
Installation method Free slotting
Weight ≥200kg (single cabinet) with wooden box packaging
Size 1300X1861X397mm

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