UHF RFID channel reader

UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-580
UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-580
UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-580
UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-580

VC-580 hot

UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-580

VC-580, with wireless radio frequency identification technology as its core, combined with mechanical design, multiple sensors, electromagnetic shielding, automatic control and other technologies, completely solves the problems of label leakage and tampering in the supply chain circulation of products


Professional motion control and mechanical design technology to fully solve the problem of missing labels

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Performance Characteristics

Chip platform Original imported complete machine(Impinj-R420)
Air Interface Protocol EPC Global Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C
RFID frequency characteristics US:902.75MHz~927.25MHz,Channel Spacing 500kHz
Antenna Port 4 channel and above 50 Ω RF connector
RF output power 0-33dbm
Output power accuracy ±1dB
Receiver sensitivity <-85dB
Theoretical maximum read rate 900pcs/sec can support reading 300 labels per box
Transmission speed Up to 40m/min

Performance Characteristics

Dimensions(mm) 6300mm(L)×1100mm(W)× 1628mm(H)
Internal space (mm) 1600(L)×800(W)×880(H)
Front/rear conveyor line(mm) 1200(L)×960(W)×550(H)
Maximum box gauge(mm) 1200mm(L)×800mm(W)× 835mm(H)
Operation temperature 0℃-60℃
Storage temperature -10℃-60℃
Humidity 10%RH-95%RH(no condensation)
Electrostatic protection ±15KV air discharge ±8KV contact discharge
Overall power ≤1800W

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