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Linen Washing RFID Management

Hospitals are faced with the need to deal with thousands of pieces of work clothes every year, clothing handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage and other processes, how to effectively track and manage the washing process of each piece of clothing, the number of times of washing, the inventory status and the effective categorization of clothing, etc. is a great challenge.

RFID tags are sewn on each piece of clothing, and the tags have a globally unique identification code, i.e., each piece of clothing will have a unique management identification until the clothing is scrapped (the tags can be reused, but not more than the service life of the tags themselves).

In the whole clothing use, washing management, will be automatically recorded through the RFID reader clothing use status, washing times.

Supporting the batch reading of tags during the washing handover makes the washing task handover simple and transparent and reduces labor costs. At the same time, by tracking the number of washings, the hospital can estimate the service life of the current clothing, and provide predictive data for the procurement plan.


System Composition

Composed of RFID tags, readers, RFID antennas, handheld terminals, etc.

System Advantages

1, Labor can be reduced by 40-50%; 

2, visualization of more than 99% of clothing products, reducing the risk of missing clothing; 

3, Improved supply chain management will reduce 20-25% of work service time; 

4, Improved accuracy and reliability of storage information; 

5, efficient and accurate data collection to provide operational efficiency; 

6, distribution, recycling handover data is automatically collected to reduce human error; 

7, reduce the overall cost of hospital laundry management.

Other Cases


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