VI-IR30-HF RFID Industrial reader

VI-IRQ30-HF/ VI-IRB30-HF hot

VI-IR30-HF RFID Industrial reader

(1) Protection class: IP67 Compliant with harsh industrial production line environments.

(2) Full support for ISO 15693/ 14443A compliant electronic tags.

(3) Operating frequency 13.56MHZ.(4) Support for Vanch VUP protocol and RS485.


InventoryPower patrolPersonnel LivestockAccessoriesClothing retail

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Performance Characteristics

NFC RF chip ZC100
Air interface Protocol ISO 15693 / ISO 14443A
Operating frequency 13.56MHz
Q30 Reading distance 0~80mm(depending on tag)For example, Ø30 industrial label, recognition distance 60mm
B30 Reading distance 0~60mm(depending on tag)For example, Ø30 industrial label, recognition distance 45mm
Antenna PCB integrated antenna
Communication interface RS485
Communication protocol VUP protocol
Communication rate Serial communication rate 9600~115200bp

Performance Characteristics

Size ¢30*65mm
Power supply Operating voltage DC24V
Power consumption 2W max
Communication harness M12 female harness
Weight Approx. 60g (complete set)
Humidity 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
Protection class IEC IP67
Operating temperature -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage temperature Ambient temperature

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