24-hour Book Reserve Case

24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC
24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC
24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC
24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC

VB-25BC hot

24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC

Document identification: It can effectively identify HF library cards, UHF library cards, second-generation ID cards and barcode library cards authorized to be used by the library;

Book borrowing and returning: You can complete self-service borrowing, returning and renewing books in accordance with the library management process;


The device supports network port communication, and can expand multiple communication methods such as Wi-Fi and 4G.

Product Title


The VB-25BC case is mainly used for book reservation, self-borrowing, self-return, self-renewal and borrowing query, etc. 


Performance Characteristics

Working Frequency 902MHz~928MHz
Communication Interface RJ45; RS232 (Wi-Fi/4G optional)
Equipment materials Carbon steel plate material
Exterior Body-pearl white, frame-blue
Cabinet door Main: 3 cabinet doors, Vice: 28 cabinet doors
Operating temperature -10°C~+50°C
Operating Voltage AC220V±10%

Performance Characteristics

Total power 60W
Features 24-hour advance loan
Screen 21.5 inch capacitive touch screen
Installation method Free slotting
Size Main: 500*443*2054MM, Vice: 780*340*2027MM (length*width*height)
Weight Weight: ≥90kg (main cabinet, auxiliary cabinet) with wooden box packaging

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