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Congratulations to the inaugural meeting of "AI+Intelligent Sensor Committee" and the seminar on AI+Intelligent Sensor Industry in Guangdong



Group photo of "AI+ Intelligent Sensor Special Committee" and AI+ Intelligent Sensor Industry Seminar

At the meeting, Executive Chairman of AI Industry Association Mr. Fan Congming and Chairman of Smart Sensor Committee Mr. Tang Credible awarded the certificate of Chief Scientist of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association to Professor Shao Liyang, Executive Vice President of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Southern University of Science and Technology.

The establishment of "AI+ Smart Sensor Special Committee" also announced a new identity - a member of the special committee. Chairman Fan awarded certificates to the advisor, president, vice president and co-president of the Intelligent Sensor Special Committee.

Chairman Cheng was honored to be the vice chairman of "AI+ Intelligent Sensor Committee".

Chairman Cheng delivered his inaugural speech


Introduction of Shenzhen Vanch Intelligence Co.

was born in Shenzhen in 2006, is a leading brand of intelligent sensing radio frequency (RFID) product design, manufacturing and industry depth solutions, is a national high-tech enterprises, software design service enterprises, specializing in new. The company focuses on intelligent sensing radio frequency (RFID) industrial grade product development and innovation! In 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor process, automotive manufacturing, intelligent production line, service robot, intelligent stereo warehouse and other industries to provide intelligent sensing, AI sensing + RFID sensing technology. With excellent products, reliable performance, and attentive service, we have sold our products to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and have more than 2,000 customers in various industries such as intelligent industrial production lines, commercial retail, education and medical care, banking and finance, storage and asset management, transportation and ports, energy and power, etc. We have accumulated rich experience in product projects and have continuously provided users with We have accumulated rich experience in products and projects, and continue to provide users with a full range of services!

The establishment of "AI + Intelligent Sensor Special Committee", the integration of the industry chain, strong alliance, looking forward to promoting the development and growth of the intelligent sensor market. Here, Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent wishes the "AI+ Intelligent Sensor Committee" a brighter and more brilliant tomorrow!

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